Integron Showcasing IoT solutions for Life Sciences at IoT Evolution Healthcare

  • January 21, 2018


Integron, a leading provider of managed IoT services, is participating in the upcoming IoT Evolution Healthcare event in Orlando.

Integron is joining other industry leaders at the top Internet of Things event to discuss the impact of IoT solutions on enterprise-level healthcare, patient care, supply chain, insurance, and pharmaceutical operations.

The event is designed to give Enterprises, IoT Developers, Suppliers, and Health OEMs insight into how IoT technology is evolving and changing the entire Healthcare industry. The knowledge gained will help attendees to improve efficiencies, create new profit centers, and provide better health outcomes for patients. The conference will take place alongside the IoT Evolution Expo; attendees will be able to join in for the rich content available as part of that event as well.

At Integron, we are working with several leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to streamline the process of sourcing, provisioning, validating, securing, and connecting mobile devices that are being used for patient data collection within clinical trials across the globe. For our customers, the results include lower risk, reduced costs, and improved efficiency in the operation and execution of clinical trials.

Within the clinical trial process connected healthcare devices and wearable technology make the capture of patient data more efficient and cost-effective; thereby improving the patient experience, resulting in reduced time to bring new research treatments to market.

Despite the benefits of IoT in the healthcare and life sciences industry, security remains a challenge. IoT security has emerged as a top concern in the healthcare industry and security is becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors of healthcare. In fact, 60% of healthcare organizations have introduced IoT devices into their facilities and a whopping 87% plan to implement IoT technology by 2019, more than any other industry.

Integron is partnering with NetFoundry to offer software-defined networking (SDN) as a managed service; part of Integron's overall suite of managed IoT services; an offering that will address many of the top security concerns in healthcare. NetFoundry's layered security architecture isolates and protects data flows through a combination of features such as military-grade fragmented data streams and encryption. It results in a private, dark network, protecting patients and providers end-to-end. The partnership allows Integron to embed the NetFoundry MultiCloud and IoTConnect platform within the Integron managed service solution. Thus providing improved flexibility, configurability, and time-to-market control for IoT Private Networks and security for IoT deployments.

At Integron, we are seeing an increased demand from our customers for greater security, control, and network configurability for their IoT private networks. Our partnership with NetFoundry allows us to satisfy those requirements and offer our customers a comprehensive SDN managed service. The configurability and control of NetFoundry's platform provides both network operators and our enterprise customers with the ability to quickly spin-up and control secure private networks on their schedule - benefits that are critical in today's hyperconnected world.

At the IoT Evolution Healthcare conference, Integron will be speaking on these important topics. Don't miss Integron's president Bryan Lubel, who will be hosting a session on IoT for Life Sciences on Tuesday, January 23rd. Click here for more details.

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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