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How Do E/M Documentation Changes Affect Connected Healthcare?


"Patients Over Paperwork"

The “Patients Over Paperwork” has picked up a lot of momentum over the last few months. A drive to reduce the administrative side of healthcare, in favor of better patient outcomes, has been recently aimed towards simplifying billing codes. Sure, anytime simplification is mentioned, one can be certain that anything but simplicity is taking place behind the scenes. And while groups like the American Medical Association have lauded this effort, it is being met simultaneously with resistance by many care providers. Read More

When IoT Gets Explosive


Jake's Fireworks Managed IoT Solution

When it comes to the 4th of July, the only thing that is more synonymous than freedom is fireworks. That’s good news for Jake’s Fireworks who has been providing celebratory Americans with all their firework needs for over 75 years. What started as a business in the back of a house has grown into retails stores and pop-up shops all over the country, and Integron has been able to assist in that growth. Integron’s managed services were uniquely positioned to assist Jake’s Fireworks as they worked to streamline their point of sale process, which provides Jakes with better insight into their business and a quality experience for their customers. Read More