What is the Internet of Things?

IoT Graphic
IoT Graphic

Think of IoT like the infrastructure that maintains a company’s information pipeline.

The Internet of Things is an ecosystem that is developed for a company to handle logistics and streamline data, freeing up company resources by leveraging  technology, portable hardware, and wireless connectivity, manufacturing and re-packaging/re-labeling.

Integron develops and streamlines the full lifecycle of an IoT strategy. We help establish the goals and build the infrastructure to help manage results and can handle all points of the project, from development to logistics, and wireless connectivity with the help of our robust Partner Ecosystem.

Managed IoT Services

Device, Network, and Wireless management

Managed Services Portal

IoT Technology Platform to Handle End-to-End Connectivity Solutions

Partner Ecosystem

Integron has a wide range of partnerships across the entire IoT/M2M ecosystem

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