Integron helps companies develop smarter energy solutions to improve efficiency and reduce waste

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies help energy companies improve their generation and transmission, as well as consumers, manage and lower their consumption, and infrastructure companies monitor and optimize their production assets. Energy companies are increasingly looking to IoT for real business benefit.

What’s Driving the
Energy Industry to IoT/M2M?

Industry de-regulation and privatization is driving energy distribution companies to become more efficient and cost competitive as consumers demand pricing transparency to evaluate their choices. IoT solves many of these challenges as the industry grows; however, deploying a solution is still a challenge. Integron’s managed IoT services for energy take the complexity out of the equation.

Integron’s Powerful
IoT/M2M Experience in Energy

Our implementation experience helps our clients realize the benefits that smart utilities and remote monitoring are designed to deliver:

  • Remote Meter Reading – reduced labor, increased accuracy in billing
  • Smart Meter – consumer participation in reduced/optimized consumption
  • Managing Peak Usage – integration of alternative sources (solar, wind) during peak usage periods
  • Remote Monitoring – the ability to monitor and manage solar/wind assets
  • Smart Grid – manages grid assets (sub-station equipment, breakers, transformers)
  • Wireless Monitoring – develops delivery networks that are more robust, predictable and self-balancing

Case Studies

Integron has helped companies around the world develop smarter energy systems through IoT. Read our case studies to learn how Integron’s managed IoT services for energy could do the same for your business.

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