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Developing IoT Solutions for
Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical
Companies Worldwide

Managed Services
for Clinical Trials

The life sciences and pharmaceutical industries are adopting wireless connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to simplify the patient experience, improve quality of care, and create a positive impact on patient outcomes.

Within the clinical trial process, connected mobile devices and wearable technology make the capture of patient data more efficient and cost-effective, resulting in reduced time to bring new research treatments to market and improved patient experiences.

Streamlining the Process of
Connecting and Managing Devices


Integron works with several leading Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies to streamline the process of sourcing, securing, and connecting mobile devices that are used for patient data collection within clinical trials across the globe.

Managed IoT Lifecycle

Integron has tailored a Managed Services suite for our enterprise customers who want to reduce the complexities that come with navigating the world of developing and maintaining IoT solutions related to life sciences.

Our suite includes an implementation of Mobile Device Management (MDM), specifically tailored to the unique patient privacy and security requirements for the healthcare industry, combined with our Project Management and Consulting which provides oversight and guidance. Enhanced by the customized control that Integron offers, Clinical Trials have the ability to produce better data with fewer complexities.

For our customers, including those in the life sciences industry, the results include lower risk, reduced costs, and improved efficiency in the operation and execution of clinical trials.

Case Studies

Interested in learning how Integron can develop customized IoT solutions for Life Sciences-based companies? Read our case studies for more information.

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