Integron develops vehicle telematics that protects drivers, high-value cargo, and helps improve efficiency

Deployment services
over the long haul

Fleet managers, insurance carriers, and auto manufacturers are using vehicle telematics to enhance route efficiency, track high-value cargo, improve safety and deliver new services.

IoT solutions developed by Integron are designed to offer drivers information, protect from theft or loss, and lower premiums.

How Telematics
Can Be Used in Transportation

Integron’s telematics implementations allow our customers to focus on developing new value-added service offerings including vehicle tracking and recovery, remote vehicle diagnostics, and optimization of service routes. Insurance carriers are using vehicle telematics to analyze driving patterns, and offer low-risk subscribers premium discounts for good driving behavior.


Integron’s manages everything thats required to effectively route telematics data to its final destination by developing solutions for:

  • Hardware selection and sourcing
  • Telematics hardware kitting and configuration
  • OBD-II Pod fulfillment: Direct-to-Subscriber
  • OBD-II Pod recovery and redeployment
  • Asset management & tracking
  • Wireless Subscription Management
  • Wireless Optimization – Activation on deployment / Suspend on return
  • Consolidated billing and reporting
  • Multi-Operator alerting engine

Case Studies

Integron makes enterprise IoT initiatives easy for the transportation industry. View our case studies to learn how Integron can help your business develop smarter technology that improves your bottom line.

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